Monday, July 31, 2017

So long, Mooch, and thanks for all the fish's not as easy as it looks. #byeMooch

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ouzo. Neat. (a.k.a. Happy 26th Anniversary to my long-suffering husband)

Waiter: Would you like an after dinner drink? 
Me: you have any other grappas that aren't on the menu?
Waiter: Um, well...what are you looking for?
Me: Like, a grappa, but something the chef smuggled over from the old country. A bottle without a label. A bottle with something growing in it.
Waiter: We have Ouzo...but it's very strong.
Me: Can it take the paint off a car? 
Waiter: ...
Me: Like, if I dip my finger in it, will it dissolve my nail polish?
Waiter: Well, I can't drink it, it's too strong for me
Me: (disapproving side eye) Just bring it.
Waiter: How do you want that? With ice?
Me: ....
Waiter: Um, okay, neat then.
Me: Thank you.

Monday, July 24, 2017

But the Couch is So Darn Comfy...

Eyewitness News at 11pm teaser just now: "How running for just one minute a day could give you stronger bones."

Sorry, Bill Ritter, I don't think I can spare that kind of time.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Well Wishes for Senator John McCain

The news of Senator John McCain's cancer diagnosis has led to an avalanche of well wishes from across the globe.  I'm saddened for him and his family, and I'm praying that he will have a good outcome as he deals with this health crisis.

One thing that has bothered me, though, are the well-meaning declarations on Twitter that "Cancer doesn't know what it's up against!" and "Senator McCain has fought far worse than this!"   Yes, he is, without question, an American hero, but I don't find platitudes like this particularly encouraging, or realistic.  For me, it implies that others who were diagnosed with cancer and were unable to survive simply didn't fight hard enough, or weren't strong and brave enough.

We often refer to Cancer as if it is a person, an enemy that can be vanquished in battle for those who sufficient will to survive. Unfortunately, I've known way too many people in my life who have struggled with cancer, fought back as hard as they could, and still ended up dying. They had so much to live for, did everything their doctors asked of them, but in the end, the cancer won out.

This essay on CNN written by Xeni Jardin does a great job summing up what I'm feeling about this.  Definitely worth a read.

Full link: http://www.cnn.cevahom/2017/07/21/opinions/cancer-is-not-a-war-jardin-opinion/index.html

Saturday, July 22, 2017

When a broken iPad grounds your flight home

I've heard of flight delays caused by mechanical issues, bad weather, sick passengers, air traffic issues...but today's issue was a new one for me. My Delta flight from Charleston, SC to LaGuardia in NY was delayed because the pilot's iPad broke. 

That's right. The plane was all boarded, flight attendants ready for taxi and takeoff, when suddenly the pilot announces that we're going to be delayed for about an hour.  The reason: his iPad broke, and as a result, he is unable to fly for the rest of the day, and we have to wait for a replacement pilot (with a functioning iPad) to show up.

I'm assuming this has something to do with pilots logging their Hours of Service via their iPads, but....seriously?  I have an Hours Tracker App on my phone that I use for my freelance work, and all of the info I enter is backed up on the Cloud.  If my iPhone breaks, I simply log in from any other electronic device and be up and running again.

One would think this issue could have been easily resolved by providing the pilot with a replacement iPad, kept on the aircraft for exactly this purpose.  Alas, no.

Friday, July 7, 2017


In keeping with our time-honored family tradition of being allowed to have ANYTHING you want for breakfast on your birthday...this is what I chose upon reaching the half-century mark:

That's right. Because preservatives PRESERVE you!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Food Review: Dunkin Donuts Mocha Oreos -- These are worth buying!

Whenever a new "Limited Edition" flavor of Oreo cookie is announced, I am inevitably tagged at least half a dozen times on Facebook, by well-meaning friends who want to make sure I anticipate the arrival of the new flavor, and post a review forthwith.

So yes, I've been aware of that the new "Dunkin Donuts Mocha Oreos" were on their way, but I wasn't exactly counting down the days.

If only I had known how good these are, believe me, I would have been first in line at the store today.

Some of the flavors released from Oreo have really missed the mark, while others have been passable, but the mocha ones--these are the real deal. 

The mocha flavor is perfect--not too sweet, not overpowering, a perfect compliment to the chocolate sandwich cookie.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Get these--you won't be sorry.

Find them on HERE.

Final verdict: A+