Thursday, June 15, 2017

FOOD REVIEW: Jelly Donut Oreos

Tasting and reviewing the new Limited Edition Oreo flavors has become something of a hobby for me--there are worse things, you guys--and this is one newcomer that I was really looking forward to sampling: Jelly Donut Oreos. 

Short take:  I give these an A-! 

Jelly Donut Oreos somehow, some way, manage to capture the genuine flavor profile of a jelly donut.  As soon as you open the package, it smells like you just got back from the bakery.  My only quibble (and the reason for the A- rather than an ) is that there should be a bit more jelly flavored creme in the center--it was inconsistent from cookie to cookie. 

Of course, you're also not going to get the same mouth-feel from a cookie as you would from biting into the soft, doughy goodness of an actual jelly donut, but this is a lot less messy, and could theoretically satisfy your craving for a jelly donut, without a trip to the bakery.