Thursday, March 30, 2017

An Inconvenient Truth: The Sequel

Can't wait to see the latest film by Al Gore.  The trailer looks amazing:

Sunday, March 12, 2017

April the giraffe is STILL in labor

I swear I'm ready to start a GoFundMe to get April the Giraffe an epidural and a C-section. I think Jennifer Aniston will give birth before this poor creature. Dear lord.

Friday, March 10, 2017

CCD Flashback

Flashback Friday: I just found some index cards with "thought provoking" questions I posed to my CCD students as they prepared for Confirmation in 2014. (Not sanctioned by the curriculum, of course. I liked to do my own thing.)

1) If God wanted to send you a message, which method would be most effective?
--Hearing His voice
--An angel appearing before you
--A vivid dream
-- Tongues of fire appearing above your head
-- A physical sign (stigmata, locusts, etc.)

2) People often talk about "the Power of Prayer." Why do you think prayer is powerful? Does it actually work?

3) If you could meet and chat for 15 minutes with ONE of the following people, which one would you choose and what would you talk about?
-- Noah
-- Moses
-- Judas

4) Could Jesus have saved Himself from being crucified?

5) Name one thing you like about being Catholic, and one thing you do not like.

6) Do you think Adam and Eve were equally to blame for getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden? Why or why not?

7) Which miracle do you think was the most impressive?
-- Walking on water
-- Turning water into wine
-- Curing the blind man
-- Feeding the crowds with loaves & fishes