Monday, September 28, 2015

To all the Chicken Littles out there posting about privacy today

I know everyone means well, but "better safe than sorry" is exactly the kind of thinking that perpetuates internet hoaxes and scams.  Please THINK before you blindly share a warning on your Facebook account...better yet, check a site like or to see if it's actually true before you spread it around.

Disney is not giving away a free vacation, Tiffany's is not going to send you a diamond ring just because you share a status, and Facebook isn't going to suddenly protect your privacy just because you declare publicly that they are not the boss of you.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Rising From the Ashes

Although this day will always be filled with painful memories, especially for those of us who call the NYC-metro area home, it's also a day to remember how strong and united we are in the face of adversity. There will always be evil forces in this world, spreading hate and fear, seeking to destroy the traditions and values of the United States, but they will never prevail.  You may knock us down, but we will always get back up, rising taller and stronger than before. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Instagram Scam

Got this text message tonight--total scam. Did not text back, and blocked the number. There are numerous post online calling out this same number as a phishing scheme--don't fall for it! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Soup you brew in your coffee machine?

I saw this new product from Progresso at the grocery store this morning, and was both intrigued and repelled at the same time.  It's soup that you cook using your Keurig coffee machine. 

I didn't buy it--mostly because of the high calories and sodium content--but I'm really curious as to how this would taste. I'm also wondering what it's like for the person who tries to brew coffee on the same machine right after someone else has made soup.  Yikes.

The way it works, as far as I could tell from reading the package, is that you put a packet of freeze-dried veggies and other spices into a mug, and then "brew" the broth of the soup using a K-cup.

If anyone out there is brave enough to try this, let me know what you think!